Getting Back On Track

I figure a good place to start again is writing about getting your motivation back. Obviously it is something I have been lacking. I mean I’ve been journaling, but as far as writing for the world to see? I’ve definitely been avoiding that for a while. So, not lacking completely, but I’m trying to get back to the things I’ve been neglecting. Getting back into the groove of writing is something that takes work to kickstart and I didn’t know where to begin, nor did I have the motivation to tackle the task. Sometimes the first hurdle is the hardest. So how does one get back to being productive after months of feeling like they’ve been watching the days pass by?

Personally, I start small. What is a simple thing that almost always makes me feel productive and more at ease? Cleaning and organizing my space. I’ve heard the mantra that your space is a reflection of your mind. So when clothes cover my floor, my linen closet is exploding, and dishes overflow on the counters; I know it’ll be hard to think.

Also, this is a task where I know exactly where to begin. Mostly because I’ve been in the situation so many times. I admit, I’m not the most tidy person. I push everything on my floor into a giant pile in the middle, put on an episode of some show I’ve seen 10 times, and get to organizing and folding. I put on my favorite album at the moment, have a dance break in the kitchen, then set a 20 minute timer to race myself with how many dishes I can get done. If I really want to double the feeling of productivity, I’ll listen to an audio book instead.

Once my space is clean, I can breathe again.

Then I ask myself what I can do to help build the foundation of my craft. As a writer I always start with reading, usually poetry. It helps me gain inspiration and put me in a more vulnerable mindset or get in tune with my emotions. I try to switch between styles though; rotating between two or three books of varying genres.



I know I sound like a fucking Millennial Target decor, but wine and scented candles make everything better. No. Lies. Were. Told.

So. With my space smudged with sage and the mood set, wine in hand, I do what I can.

At the slightest sense of motivation, I hop to it. My therapist speaks about behavioral activation. Which, for me, looks like a google calendar filled with 15 minute slots of activities to do and when the time comes, whether or not I feel like doing that activity, I just doing. Because motivation and inspiration won’t just come, you have to create it and forcing myself to do what I have to for even the shortest amount of time possible, helps build good habits.

And, I mean, that’s what I’m trying to do, right?? Habits build what you do? and what you do is who you are?


Healthy Reminder: anytime is the right time for a mental reset.


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