Catapulting Into The Abyss

I was going to call this one “leaping into the unknown”, you know, “leaving everything you know behind”, or something like that? But no, y’all know me. I might be basic, but above all I am about the dramatics. So I prefer to see my upcoming journey as not a leap into the unknown, but a catapult into the wide open cavernous abyss that is the wild west and the world around us.

Embarking on the search for a new life. To discover things I don’t know about myself, see places I never even thought about before.

People call me brave and I could deny it, but honestly! I feel like I am! This shit is scary as hell, but in my head there is no other option. There is no way I could stay where I am at. I’m not saying I hate my life, not in any sense. However, I do feel so stagnant. I don’t even know how I could even write about the life I’m living as is. The universe is pulling me in ways she never has before and I am answering the call.

I am a firm believer that if you don’t follow the signs, the universe will force you into the decision. Especially if it is something you know you have to do, but are too afraid to. We’ve all been in those situations; the job draining you that you can’t quit, the relationship that you’re afraid to break off. So here I am, changing my life in drastic ways and I’ve never been more excited.

For those of you who aren’t of the generation caught between millennial and gen z, we are constantly unmoored and have no idea what we are doing. However, one thing we’ve taken to and do so well is romanticizing the everyday things that make up our lives. Waking up to the sun dancing through our curtains, making coffee, letting the steam hit our face, eating strawberries with honey; a sweet breakfast before starting our day. Whatever may come next; we can indulge ourselves in these tiny moments. Our lives are just one long story so why not pretend it’s a movie in which we are all our own main characters. Especially if it makes things more fun. It feels like we are constantly bombarded and reminded of our imminent death, so why not say fuck it and have fun whenever we can.

So… I’m headed out of my home town, for the longest solo road trip I’ve ever taken. I’m ready to see places I didn’t even know existed until a couple weeks ago. I try to keep my expectations nonexistent and just see where the universe takes me; but you bet I’ll be writing and sharing any small discovery along the way.

Healthy Reminder: Throw caution to the wind; or whatever the fuck the saying is.


2 thoughts on “Catapulting Into The Abyss

  1. Annalisse Guilfu says:

    and I am so proud of you for getting into the catapult.
    you deserve adventure and will treat it with more care than anyone I know.

    love you so much.



  2. Susie Zimmer says:

    Brittany, Beautifully written. I’m jealous of of eagerness to live out your dreams.. If you didn’t jump young you would have ended up old never seeking the growth and adventure you your experiencing now! Can’t wait to read your next page!!! Live,Love,Laugh! Enjoy! Love, Susie


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